Native american tomahawk: intimidating and glorious!

What comes in your head, when somebody says tomahawk? I think it will be tribal chief carrying this thing in hand. In old west times Indians used it to make war and peace, hunt, they helped them on campings and bushwalks. Original tools were made of stone and decorated with tribal symbols, feathers, onyx inlays, rawhide and other accessories like that.

Every tribe had it’s own ornament and experienced person will always see the difference between Cherokee tomahawk and Apache hawk. Time of old west pased far way, and nowadays you wont see people walking with native american tomahawk axe in the streets. Most part of them gatherd by collectors and people, who like cold weapon like this. You can see many models of different types, decorations, material selling online on Amazon. Price may be very different from 10$ to over 300$ for a good native american tomahawk replica and even more…

Let’s see what you can get for a reasonable price? Responsible manufacturers make Indian tomahawk of 1055 stainless steel or 5150 carbon steel. Axe head often contain additional tools like hammer or spike. It will come dull to you, but you can sharp the blade easily and it will make nice damage due to it’s weight and sometimes even a good balance. Handle may be very different, but traditional tomahawk must have a wooden handle, wrapped in leather laces with some tribal ornaments and turkey featherds on it. Cheap product may have it’s made of plastic or hard nylon. Also you may find some glue between axe head and handle. It means that soon after a little damage axe head will spin 360 and drop out of stick. Don’t buy such China quality things. The entire axe is measured between 20″ and 25″. It’s weight is about 2-3 pounds.

Ok, lets continue with traditional hawk review. This hawk is more a piece of art than a tool. You will break it fast, if you going to chop brunches or wood, break something, use it on hunting versus mountain lion. No throwing, easy breakable. Best place for native american tomahawk is a wall with the other artifacts. They look rather intimidating and will attract attention of your friends, for shure. You may tell them, that you got it from an old chief on hunting in mountains, who knows? 😉
The other way to use such thing is for… smoking, Yes! you can buy pipe tomahawk online on Amazon easily. They are well decorated and look nice too, but have some differences, as you can see. Such hawks were made by Europeans for trade and exchange. In typical construction the back of the axe and the long hollow wood handle forms into a pipe. You can hang this peace-pipe on the wall or use it on main purpose

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